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Welcome to Dezhou Jiangtong Machine Tool Equipment Co., LTD.

Dezhou Jiangtong Machine Tool Equipment Co. LTD

Professional Manufacturer of Deep hole cutting machines for many years

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About Us

Dezhou jiangtong machine tool equipment co. LTD

Dezhou Jiangtong Machine Tool Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Dezhou city, the company has 15 years of the production, design and manufacture of deep hole cutting machine tools.

Main products: Deep hole drilling and boring machine(T2120、T2125、T2135、T2150、T2180、T2120G、T2125G、T2135G)、Deep hole boring machine(T2225、T2235、T2250、T2280)、CNC Deep hole drilling and boring machine(TK2120、TK2125、TK2135、TK2150、TK2180)、CNC Deep hole drilling machine(ZK2102、ZK2103、ZK2103A、ZK2104、ZK2105、ZK2106)、CNC Deep hole skiving roller burnishing machine (TGK20、TGK25、TGK35、TGK50)、CNC deep hole enhanced level honing machine(2MK2120、2MK2125、2MK2150、2MK2180)、deep hole tools and auxiliaries.

Deep hole machine tool processing range: Diameter: ?1mm-?2000mm; Depth: 0.05m-15m.

After years of accumulation of technology and experiences, the company has established the complete production quality management system, the advanced techniques and the overall sales network, we will be able to provide the customers with the top quality and the best solutions for deep hole processing. High-quality products supplied by us are widely used in military industry, automobile manufacturing, mold industry, aeronautical and space industries, medical equipment, coal mining, petroleum machinery, chemical industries and other fields.